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  1. Every Corner
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Heather Findlay – Spoken Word
Dave Kerzner – Keyboards

Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Dave Kerzner
Co-Produced by Heather Findlay
Spoken Word recorded by Heather Findlay
Mastered by Gavin Lurssen and Reuben Cohen


Words: Findlay
Music: Kerzner

Lying here awake
The silence reverberates with your essence
Like a storm in an echo chamber
Its gentle every increasing ripples wash over me
Like sunlight
Like Summer
Like gold you glimmer through the blackness
And like a diamond you cut through the dark
There is no end
Like there was no beginning
Just an always
A liquidity
A light
That finds
Every corner
A moment that just is
And is
And is
You came
And I began